“You are beautifully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14


Imagine this: Esther from the Bible meets renowned chemist Marie Curie – all in one person! In BEyouTIFUL, I lead young readers through the story of Grace, an aspiring scientist that struggles with finding her voice. When Grace discovers a pair of magical safety goggles during Science Class, she is amazed to find that those goggles gave her super powers – an incredible boost of confidence and a reminder of just how beautiful she already is from within.   




Nicole G. Ward was just seven years old when she traveled 8500+ miles alone across the globe to reunite with her mother in the United States. She was filled with mixed emotions; excited to meet her new family, but nervous since she had to learn a whole new way of life; including learning the entire English language and starting at a new school a whole year behind her peers. 

Today, Nicole has achieved her dream of becoming a scientist. She is currently employed as a Chemical Engineer for one of the largest and reputable pharmaceutical companies in the world. As she pursued higher levels of education while working in various leadership roles, Nicole recognized that there weren’t many leaders in her line of work that looked like her: a successful female minority working in a STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-related field. 

With dual Master degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, Nicole’s passion for helping to inspire the next generation of STEM innovators fueled the concept of this book.

Nicole currently resides in Pennsylvania with her college sweetheart Tony whom she married in 2006. Nicole and Tony are proud parents of three beautiful children who they consider true gifts from God. They also serve as community pastors helping to mentor generations young and old. 

Nicole’s journey has been far from traditional, but thanks to her unwavering faith, she discovered that her identity in God was already established.


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